Orthopedic Casting Tape - ORBE CAST

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1. Product material:

- Knitted fiberglass fabric impregnated with activated water

2. Product features:

The method of using the plaster of paris bandage is very popular, but there are inherent weaknesses such as burning sensation, itching, especially in hot and humid climate areas like Vietnam. ORBE CAST is made from fiberglass material used to replace plaster of paris bandage with the outstanding advantages, including:

Weight is about 60% lighter than plaster of paris bandage.

The mesh design with a layer thickness of only 0.5mm helps to increase the airiness, reduce the burning sensation and itchy for users.

Easy to use, no dust, easy to clean.

3. Indication:

Use as prescribed by doctor for the following cases:

For break or fracture the upper limb, lower limb, clavicle, shoulder blade.

To immobilizerthe joints: shoulder joints; elbow, wrist, and ankle joints.

Treatment for some congenital diseases of children such as clubfoot / limbs;X-shaped, O-shapedlegs.

4. Instruction for use:

Choose a suitable size for injuring position before use.

Gloves must be worn by doctors / health professionals.

Step 1: Slip on a layer of stocking over the affected part, wrap a cast padding if necessary. (Note: The stocking should be longer than the casting tape.)

Step 2: Take the product out of the pouch, immerse the casting tape into water with the temperature of 20 - 300C within1-2 seconds.

Step 3: Get the product out and remove excess water. (Must use product immediately after immersed).

Step 4: Wrap a layer on the injuring position in order to make sure the both side ends of stocking arelonger than the casting tape, then turn over the stocking and continue to wrap a second layer over thatposition.The casting tapeis formed immediately after 2 to 4 minutes, and completelyin shape after 20 minutes. Take X-ray test to check

5. Precautions:

Only use the unexpired products and intact pouches. Before using, press the product, if you see a part or all of the roll has hardened, it should not be used.

The product should only be applied by health professionals/ doctors and must wear medical gloves when using.

Care should be exercised to avoid contacting unprotected areas of the skin or clothes during application. If resin should come in contact withskin, swabbing slightly with alcohol may help in removing it from the skin and clothes.

For children, the elderly and people with sensitive skin, a layer of cast padding should be used.

When    removing    the    casting    tape,    a    special    type    of    equipment    called    professional    saw    is    required.   

  Note: During the removal routine, precautions should be taken to avoid injury of the patient due to the exotherm process of saw. Saw users should always understand how to use them.

 6. Storage:

Keep out of reach of children.

The product when exposing to moisture will lose its function; should not holeor damagepouches, should not put heavy objects above.

To ensure the quality of the product, it should be placed in a dry and cool place with the temperature is 15 ~ 30ºC, humidity below 60%.

Avoid contact with high electric power and direct fire.

Reverse the product in the warehouse once a month.

7. Product size

5cm (2inch) x 360cm

7cm (3inch) x 360cm

10cm (4inch) x 360cm

12.5cm (5inch) x 360cm 




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