Plastic night splint H3

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- Osteoarthritis of the ankles and feet.

- Arthritis of the ankles.


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1. Functions:

- After injury at joints, ligaments in the ankles and feet, the first steps in the morning often cause pain for the patient, because while resting the feet is always in straight state. Or after a period of inactivity in an injury, the feet of an infected person will have sequelae of "Ban chan nhon", recovery takes a lot of time.

- Plastic night brace is designed to help user’s feet always in the functional position while resting

2. Indications:

- Osteoarthritis of the ankles and feet.

- Arthritis of the ankles.

- Injury of ligaments, weight of the ankles and feet.

3. Materials:

- Splints are made of cool materials, easy to sweat, making users feel comfortable. Shaped plastic splint helps to maintain the desired fixed posture.

4. Note:

- Do not use to move around, use only for legs in a resting state.

5. Preservation:

- Putting in dry place.

- Washing by hands with soap and water, drying in cool place.

- Do not wash and dry by washing machine (No using bleach).

6. Instructions for use:

- Patient posture: Sitting or lying.

- Remove the brace from the bag, fully open the straps, check the belt in the open position.

- Wear, install the brace gently, avoid causing pain to the patient depending on the posture. Fix each step from loose to tight (strong enough, no pain or pinching).

- Check the movement of adjacent joints in the allowed posture for each specific injury as directed by the specialist.

- Instruct patients to maintain the necessary posture, periodically check the fixed term for each specific injury as directed by a specialist.

7. Size and product code:

Product name

Plastic night splint H3

Product code

737SM - 737LXL


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