Elastic wrist support ORBE

-  Provide support for wrist contortion and sprains.

-  Support wrist while doing exercise and playing sport.


Elastic elbow support

- Use for injury first-aid relating to elbow, dislocations and sprains.

- Provide support for elbow joints while doing exercise and playing sport.


Tennis Elbow

- Reduce pressure to the elbows in the treatment of injuries such as inflammation, slight tearing of muscles and the lower-elbow tendons.


Patella strap

- Provide support for patella injuries resulting from sprains or strain sportinjuries.

- Avoid and treat patellainjuries.


Elastic knee support H1

- Wrap around design provides easier, fitter and more stable adjustment.

- Design of open area at poplitealmakes user feel comfortablewhen bending or stretching of the knee.


Elastic ankle support

- Provide support for ankle joint injury.

- Provide support in cases of arthritis and ligaments.



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